Our Tahoe Adventure: Day One.

The drive to Lake Tahoe from Napa is about 3 hours; once you get a bit beyond Sacramento is when the landscape totally changes from flat, open fields to tall, green trees and windy, uphill roads. The road eventually winds all the way up to the vista in the top photo. Breathtaking first views of the lake! We started our day with a short but fun hike to Eagle Lake. It was a little over 2 miles roundtrip, walking up rocky, foresty mountains until you finally turn a corner and reach the incredibly beautiful lake! Had to dip our feet in. Then we headed to our campsite (where we were greeted by a tiny squirrel on a rock), set up camp, put all our food/scented items in our “bear locker” (big old black bears saunter on through the campground at any time, in search of eats, luckily we didn’t see any), started a fire, played some cards, grilled hotdogs, drank beers, took pictures, and ended the night reading by headlamp in our tent.

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