Today is Kina’s birthday and I can’t be there with her and I am so sad. I’ve been with her for her last two birthdays and it’s been f’ing stupendous. Two years ago we were just becoming friends and we went out and drank scorpion bowls and she drank a 2-person one in 40 seconds and then went back to her apartment and barfed…and last year we went on a cruise out of Portsmouth and then went out downtown with so many friends and it was so fun and tonight she’s at the Brew and I can’t be there and I am deeply saddened about that, BUT I am also so thankful that we met (albeit was in an odd fashion that we did) and that even though we are across the country from each other for the time being, we are best friends forever.

Have the happiest birthday ever, sugamamiiiiiiiiiii* <3

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